Class Descriptions

At Fit Your Life, our goal is to support you along your fitness journey throughout motherhood! We offer pregnancy-tailored and postnatal-safe classes to keep your body moving safely and effectively! 

We require clearance from your healthcare provider prior to joining in Prenatal Fit. Please print the PARmed-X Pregnancy form here and have them complete it at your next appointment. 

We ask that all women bring a completed intake form to their first class. Find them here! Note: we do always have extra copies on hand if needed. 

For all classes, please bring appropriate athletic shoes, a water bottle, and dress for the weather (outdoor classes only). Mom & Me Fit classes - please bring whatever your child will require during class also (a blanket to play on, toys, snacks, water, a structured carrier, etc). Prenatal Fit and Fit Bootcamp – although we think it is extremely important for our Littles to see us being active, these evening classes are designed to be an hour of scared “you-time” without them in tow.

Prenatal Fit

Keep active throughout your entire pregnancy!
Exercise has amazing benefits for you and your growing baby! Being active while pregnant promotes better rest, lessens discomforts, prevents gestational diabetes and hypertension, and assists labour. A fit pregnant body also leads to a quicker recovery postpartum and improved psychological health! Prenatal Fit is tailored for the ever-changing pregnant body and will challenge you physically, while preparing you mentally for the birth of your baby and motherhood.
Your instructor knows where you are coming from and is excited to be a part of your fitness journey. Kellie is a mother, labour and delivery nurse, as well as a specialized pre- and postnatal fitness professional. This class is for all fitness levels!

Mom & Me Fit

These fun and interactive classes will benefit you and baby!
Keep active as a new mom while learning how to incorporate baby into your fitness routine! Parents who are active are more likely to have active children, and it's never too early to be a healthy role model! Your body went through an amazing process creating a new life. Fit Your Life's Mom & Me-style classes will focus on reshaping your postpartum body and make you feel stronger than ever before!

Fit Bootcamp 

Enjoy some YOU time alongside some amazing women! This is a women's only bootcamp-style fitness class, for women of every stage of life! This class strengthens and tones by working the entire body in a fun and energetic atmosphere! Whether you are new to your fitness journey or looking to reconnect with your body postpartum (but want to leave the Littles at home), this class will challenge you physically, while increasing your self-confidence and overall feeling of well-being.

Family Fit

Keep fit as a family! This brand new class is extremely fun and meant for the entire family! Your spouse will have fun experiencing Fit Your Life workouts first hand and your Littles will enjoy the sweaty family fun!
How it works … the client [aka Mom] uses a pass or registers with her one-month unlimited pass and can bring her “other half” for free! All Littles are welcome to this class.

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