Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Morning Motivation

I love early morning workouts. Seriously.

Yes, I have always been known as a morning person and really prefer to do anything first thing in the morning rather than in the evening! After becoming a mom, my routine had to shift and expectations had to change. As an early riser, I have began raising early risers, so if I want to fully embrace the morning and exercise alone I must wake at 5am! Is this easy? No! do I do this every day? No way! Am I thankful when I do? Heck yes!
Exercising first thing in the morning boosts my energy, mood, and patience for the entire day.
How does one come to make this a sustainable habit - to get up early and move first thing in the morning?

Here are my best tips!!

  1. Prepare for success
a) Set out your workout and your “regular” outfits the night before. This way you don’t have to think about your clothes in the morning – just get dressed!
b) Have your coffee and breakfast ready. We grind our beans and prep our coffee maker at night to just press “go” when we wake. Brilliant! Have a plan for your post-workout fuel! Better yet, have it ready, like overnight oats.

  1. Embrace the darkness
Especially during the cold winter months, you will likely be waking before the sun. Instead of pressing snooze, take a deep breath, look out your window at the stars, moon, or lights and be grateful for another day. Put on that cute workout outfit and hope on your mat inspired and proud.

  1. Be fluid
Things come up and bad nights happen. Some days it will feel like your Littles know when you have planned an early morning worokout and wake with your alarm. Breathe. If you are still able to get it in with them beside you, awesome! If it needs to be postponed until later that day, that’s okay! Seeing your exercise clothes out will still inspire you to move! However, if this becomes a habit, then your plan might need to shift – this doesn’t always work with every season of life. 

  1. Create the habit
Even for a morning person like myself, waking up before everyone else is not easy – I love my warm bed! What gets me out of bed is knowing how amazing I will feel during, but even more so after my workout! The energy that builds from that metabolism boost and the refreshed mindset of mind-body-breath connection first thing in the morning is what keeps me coming back for more!!

Give it a try at least a few mornings a week for a month and notice your energy, mood, and patience on the days you do compared to the days you don’t. Let me know how it goes!

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