Monday, 11 September 2017

Onya Pure GIVEAWAY!!

We don't meet people by accident. 
They are meant to cross our path for a reason. 

I met Annika of Born to be Adventurous during our undergraduate degrees at the University of Alberta. Mutual friends and the appreciation of a good time brought us together. Who would have thought that nearly a decade later we would each be married with two daughters and collaborating on social media to promote a lifestyle we both love ... being active!!

If you ever have the chance to meet Annika Mang, you will be smiling the entire time. Promise! Her friendly nature, awesome laugh, and sense of adventure will have you dreaming up your next trip to the mountains! Her blog has been a great source of reference for us as over the past three years. You see, we are lucky enough to have a daughter just less than one year younger than Annika's oldest. This means that she trials adventures at a certain age, blogs about it, and we benefit from reading about what worked...and what didn't! Perfect! When we first took our first born, Brooke, camping at two and half months old, Annika sent me a list of items to bring and it was very useful! Two years later, she wrote a blog post with a similar list. Read it here!
Some of my favourite blog posts of hers are:
10 Hikes for Preschoolers Near Calgary
Ways to Encourage Unstructured Outdoor Play

Now... I bet the real reason you started reading this post wasn't to hear about my friendship with Annika. That was a bonus! Born to be Adventurous and Fit Your Life have teamed up to give one lucky family a Onya Pure Carrier!

You can read my review on this carrier here

Check us out on Instagram @BornToBeAdventurous and @FitYourLifeYEG

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