Tuesday, 27 June 2017

What to do before baby comes?

I get asked this question often.

My due date is nearly here ...what do I "need" to do before he/she arrives?

Here is my top 5 things to check off your to do list before that sweet bundle enters your home

1) Pack your hospital bag
2) Treat yourself to a pedicure
3) Stock your freezer with healthy meals and delicious one-handed snacks
4) Spend special time with your significant other
5) Practice your belly breathing and pelvic floor work

1) Hospital bag
Likely you have this ready, or at least have a list in your mind of what should be in this bag. Coming from a labour and delivery nurse, you probably need to pack less than you think! Read a full post here on what you should pack!
For those of you planning birth centre deliveries, they will provide you with what you might want to consider bringing with you. For home births, your midwife will prepare you with what you require. 

2) Pedicure
Book an afternoon with yourself or a close friend and enjoy some indulgence. I know it sounds cliche, however, this type of pampering will likely fall to the bottom of your priority list for awhile. Who doesn't feel cute with freshly painted toes?! Not into pedicures? Book another type of treatment that will relax you and make you feel amazing!! You deserve it. You are growing a human being!!
Check out Pamper & Play or Sweet Momma!!
Side note - it is advised to steer clear of gel polish, as oxygen saturation monitors are not able to work 100% properly (in an emergency situation). Stick to regular polish just in case!

3) Freezer 
Whether you book in at Dinner Factory, Simply Supper, a meal-making Tupperware Party (YES you get to keep the Tupperware!), or get a handful of friends to come over and sip fun mocktails while chopping, it is worth it!! Having freezer meals ready to throw in the oven or crockpot and plate with a tossed salad with help ensure that you are eating enough while getting in much needed nutrients after baby arrives. One-handed snacks are also important! Energy balls, muffins, and trail mix are all perfect for the new mom. Do you have friends asking what they can do to help? Send them one of these recipes for them to whip up for you and bring when they come to snuggle your sweet Little! Trust me, they will be happy to help and your tummy will thank you when you're up for that midnight feeding.

Kellie's Favourite Treats
Mom Fuel
Chewy Sweet & Tart Granola Bars

4) Special time
This is so important! You will not regret making memories with your significant other before your new bundle arrives to laugh, cuddle, and enjoy something that makes you "click" as a couple. This might be a date day/night, a weekend away, or staying in and playing board games. Yes, you will be able to do these things after baby comes, but it will be different! Depending on your baby and your support system, it might be awhile before you can even sneak away for a romantic dinner alone. Spoil yourselves a little and make the most of whatever time you can! You are going to go from being a couple to co-parents! It is such a fun and exciting journey, but also a challenging one. Let me know what you choose to do!

Photo by Roughley Originals
5) Don't use it? You'll lose it!
Just like any other muscle in the body, if we do not engage it, it loses tone. Learning how to properly engage and relax the pelvic floor and transverse abdominal muscles are extremely important during pregnancy, for birth, and in the postpartum stages. I have a few articles here:
Pregnancy Safe Core Exercises
Deep core activation while recovering from a caesarean birth
If you attend any of my Prenatal Fit classes or follow me on Instagram (@fityourlifeyeg), you will know that I continually cue to engage and relax through the pelvic floor and transverse abdominals. We focus on how to connect with these muscle groups on their own and then how to engage as we move through various exercises.

Enjoy this special time as you await the day your beautiful baby will be safely in your arms. Also remember to breathe, move, rest, and laugh. Your baby also enjoys that rush of endorphins and benefits as much as you do!! You are already an amazing mama and that baby is so lucky to have you!!

Congratulations in advance and thank you for reading! xox

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