Monday, 28 March 2016

I love muffins!

Muffins sometimes get a bad reputation. 

They are often compared to having cake for breakfast or full of saturated fats and refined sugar. This can be 100% true, however, muffins can also be a convenient source of nutrients! You can make a few batches ahead of time, freeze them, and then grab one or two as you run out the door to conquer your day! Healthy muffins can be a great post-workout snack and are perfect paired with a smoothie or cup of coffee (or both)! We can "hide" vegetables in muffins to give them flavour, make them moist, and add nutrients! We can use non-refined sugar, as well as many varieties of flour to make them as good for you as can be. 

Below, there are links to three tried and tested muffin recipes that are delicious, avoid refined sugar, and full of good-for-you stuff that will have you and your family asking for more!

Morning Magic Muffins | Fit Your Life


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