Sunday, 13 December 2015

Gingerbread Cookie Arms & Core

During our final week of fitness classes for 2015, we spiced things up with Christmas themed workouts along to Christmas tunes! We sweat, smiled, laughed, and hugged as we wished each other all the best during the holiday season. 

I promised these lovely ladies that I would post one new workout per week during our Christmas break to keep them motivated to move their bodies and continue to incorporate the healthy habits they have developed over the past weeks! 

All you need for this Gingerbread Cookie Arms & Core workout is your exercise mat and an interval timer! I love the Seconds Pro app and share all my interval workouts with my clients this way. The prenatal modifications are in this colour!

Here we go...

Hot Chocolate Warm-Up
| 30 seconds each | 2 sets 
  1. Jolly Jacks | Jumping Jacks | Walking Jacks 
  2. Chimney Climbers | Mountain Climbers | Walking and/or incline

Tabata | 20 seconds work & 10 seconds rest | 4 rounds per set

Little Black Dress

  1. Snow Plows | Push Ups | Kneeling or incline push-ups
  2. Tinsel Twists | Bicycle Crunches OR Gingerman Guns | Arnie Press
Christmas Cookie Burner
  1. Nutcracker | Army Crawl | Kneeling Army Crawl
  2. Jingle Bell Jumps | Burpies | Walking Burpies
Festive Cheer
  1. Reindeer Runs | High Knees | Walking High Knees 
  2. Tree Trimmers | Jump Lunges | Alternating Reverse Lunges
Santa's Helper
  1. Flying Sleigh | Superman Back Extensions OR Shrinking Elf | Kneeling Up-Downs
  2. Christmas Tree | Side Plank 
Holly Jolly
  1. Christmas Tree Push Ups | Dolphin Push Ups 
  2. Cookie Crunches | Full Sit Ups OR Reindeer Kicks | Butt Blasters

Bowl Full of Jelly
| 30 seconds each | 2 rounds
  1. Tinsel Toes | Toe Touches 
  2. Elf Kicks | Small Scissor Kicks 
  3. Snow Angels | Starfish Crunch 
  4. Sleigh Ride | V-Sit Hold

Prenatal Bowl Full of Jelly | 30 seconds each | 2 rounds

  1. Reindeer Crunches | Cat Cow 
  2. Flying Sleigh | Kneeling Extensions (opposite abduction right arm/left leg) 
  3. Flying Sleigh | Kneeling Extensions (opposite abduction left arm/right leg) 
  4. Reindeer Kicks | Butt Blasters

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