Sunday, 15 November 2015

How to stay fit during cold winter months

With the cold winter months approaching, the thought of staying active and keeping fit can be daunting. The good news is that just because we live in a country that has beautifully snowy winters, it does not mean that our health journey needs to suffer. 

Why wait until January first for a New Year’s resolution? Start today with these winter active tips!

1) Try a new fitness class! This can be the perfect way to learn new exercises in a warm environment. There are many boutique studios in Edmonton that offer a fun variety of workouts: The Surf Studio, SpinUnity, Barre Body Studio, Sculpt Barre, Bliss YogaSpa, YogaLife Studios, and of course, Fit Your Life to name a few. Also check out Fitset, which allows you to workout all over the city for one monthly membership! 

2) Get outside! There are so many options to get sweaty while enjoying the fresh air. Winter hiking, cross-country skiing, skating, downhill skiing, and snowshoeing are great examples. An added bonus is to find an activity in which the whole family can participate! By getting your spouse and/or children involved you are leading through example that staying active is part of a healthy lifestyle and can be fun!

3) Find a workout buddy! Making ourselves accountable to someone else is great motivation if that is what you are lacking. When we encourage others to commit to a class or to a new workout schedule everyone benefits and it makes taking a day off a little more challenging! Choosing someone with a similar schedule, or who lives in close proximity is usually an effective option.

4) Buy new gear! New workout purchases are always a great motivator. If you are trying something new, such as winter running for the first time, buy a new pair of weather appropriate pants that you love and will keep you warm. (Thank you Believe Fit in Sherwood Park for this great outfit!)

5) Set up a home gym! If leaving the house in -20°C is not for you, it may be easier and more affordable than you think to set up your home fitness space. All you need to get started is an exercise mat, resistance tubing, a few dumbbells, and an exercise ball. You can slowly grow your gym, as you like. Find plenty of at-home workouts here!

6) Try healthy new recipes! Eating right is 70% of our success in achieving desired health and fitness goals. By planning healthy recipes for the week, you are able complete your grocery shopping on the weekend in order to have all the necessary supplies for delicious and nutritious meals on hand. Find my favourite recipes here! Also check out La Oliva Gluten-Free Kitchen for inspiration, catering, and cooking classes!

7) Stay healthy this winter! Missing work, workouts, and other events during “cold and flu season” can put a damper on your life. By taking daily supplements, such as oil of oregano and echinacea, taking a multivitamin, getting your influenza immunization, and making sure to eat plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables (check out SPUD to have them delivered to your door!), you can keep your immune system ready to fight. Washing your hands and using alcohol-based sanitizers frequently will also decrease your chance of getting sick.

8) Take your workout anywhere! Holidays and vacations are not an excuse for taking a break from your exercise routine! Find a great “go anywhere” workouts here! They require minimal or no equipment to keep you fit wherever you are. OR, explore your warm travel destination by going for a run or renting bikes!

9) Keep up with your water intake! Even though you might not be as thirsty during the winter as in the summer months, staying hydrated is just as important. A great formula to show you how much water you should be taking in is: (your weight ➗ 2) = _____ oz in water EVERYDAY! Are you getting enough?

10) Write it down! Make your workout a priority, just as you add meetings and appointments to your calendar, do the same with your exercise. If we commit to an allotted time, we are more likely to complete the routine successfully.

Now it is time to decide what will work for you because when we find something that works with our schedule and we enjoy doing, we are more likely to stick with it. When we stick with something, we will become successful, and therefor fit your life!

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  1. I was a bit surprised to find the point "Set up a home gym" as its usually something that i do! I hate going outdoors during winter and thats why think that its the best way to remain fit during the colder months. You have made some really good points here.