Sunday, 16 August 2015

Hike It Baby!

I am so very excited to be leading my first Hike It Baby hike tomorrow morning! I came across this group only a few weeks ago and LOVE the idea! There are branches throughout North America and volunteers lead groups of new parents through hikes in their own areas. It is a fantastic way for these new parents to connect and explore, all while enjoying the fresh air with their Little!

I immediately wanted to plan my first lead hike, so here we are! For my first hike, I chose my favourite urban trail, MacTaggart Sanctuary. I will lead our group through a beautiful 30 minute trail walk with our Littles on our fronts or our backs, then for whoever can stay, a 20 minute HIIT workout!

I will post the workout here soon for anyone who wants to know what we did!!

See you there :)

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