Sunday, 30 August 2015

Hike & HIIT Workout


I have recently learned about an amazing community builder called Hike it Baby! Hike it Baby is a new parents group in over 100 cities around the country dedicated to getting families together and out into nature with newborns and little ones. We have a wide variety of hikes and urban strolls and the best part is all of our hikes are FREE! Shortly after hearing about this community in Edmonton, I led my first Hike & HIIT!! We had an amazing turnout! I led 18 women and their littles through a 30-minute trail walk in the beautiful MacTaggart Sanctuary, followed by a 20-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout for whoever wanted to stay! Some babies had fallen asleep, as we all "wore" our babies in various carriers, so there were modifications offered for these moms. Other moms did not feel like participating that day, which is completely fine! Some watched, or fed their littles while we worked out! We all enjoyed much fresh air, making new friends, and a few laughs!

Here is the HIIT component of our time together! This is an efficient way to squeeze in a little cardio and a little toning in a short amount of time. You will feel amazing afterwards! Set your timer and GO!!

Hike & HIIT

30 seconds each
1) knee lifts
2) alternating side lunges
3) deep squats
4) twist with swinging arms

45s work : 15s rest

1) high knees (on the spot)
2) double squat and up (down-down-up)
3) jumping jacks or walking jacks
4) plank from knees or toes
5) burpies w/ shimmy (step with hands when in push-up position)
6) triceps dips (from bench, stair, or coffee table)
7) mountain climbers (can make incline from stair or coffee table)
8) side plank opener (rotating between side planks)
9) speed skaters (keep back toes off ground to increase difficulty)
10) biceps curls (use dumbbells, resistance band, soup cans, etc)
11) swimming superwoman (on the floor paddling and kicking!)
12) reverse crunches (knees bent and opening from hips)
13) baby breaths (practicing deep belly breathing | inhale expanding belly out and exhaling, bringing belly back in tight)



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