Thursday, 30 July 2015

Cold Brew Coffee with Healthy Treats


This summer weather we are having is awesome. Enjoying the opportunities to get outside, be active, and enjoy some hot weather refreshments! I was recently introduced to cold brew coffee. Life. Changing. It’s no secret that I love drinking coffee and other than the fact that we like to mix some flavoured beans in with dark roast and always grind the beans fresh, I am fairly boring with my black coffee! I have tried cooling hot brew coffee in the fridge, but never find it as refreshing as I hope. This ColdBrew Coffee recipe, from Gimme Some Oven, was so easy and flavourful! I used my French press and delicious dark beans from Costa Rica.

I also love finding new healthy “treat” recipes. Quick and on-the-go snacks for any time of day and that are Little-approved! These Almond Joy Snack Bars from One Lovely Life taste like heaven and are so satisfying straight out of the freezer! I used more coconut than the recipe called for and swapped almond extract for coconut extract.


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