Thursday, 11 June 2015

What you need in your hospital bag?

Packing your hospital bag.

Some women have this done before they are six months pregnant and others put it off until the very last second. Whatever your style, here are a few essentials, according to me.

What to bring with you to the labour and delivery unit
- health care card and government identification (this is the first thing you will be asked for upon arrival)
- your prenatal papers (you will be given these at your 36/37 week appointment)
- lip balm
- a hair elastic (or a couple)
- snacks for your partner/support person (make sure there is protein: trail mix and granola bars are great, as well as apples)
- coconut water (a great way to stay hydrated with electrolytes through your labour)
- music (either through your phone or separate device)
- a change of clothes for yourself
- a change of clothes for your partner/support person (I also recommend flip flops)
- phone charger
- camera
- list of people to call immediately after baby comes and a list to text/call a little later on (or decide how you and your partner will take care of this differently)
- a pen (nurses don’t give their pens out very easily!)
- a small pad of paper or your "Notes" app in your phone (to mark down any names of nurses and doctors and anything else that you might want to remember for your baby book)

What to leave in the car (as long as it is safe and secured)
- baby's car seat
- baby's going home outfit
- baby's diapers (only one or two needed just before you go home)
- your pillow for your night's stay at the hospital
- an extra pillow for your partner/support person (in case they are able to spend the night)

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