Thursday, 25 June 2015

Is your core ready for summer?

I love adding a little extra core to any workout! After a full body strength routine, a beautiful run in the sun, or a sweaty bike ride! We can always use a little extra abdominal strengthening to help support great posture, tighten our tummy, and prepare for or recover from the stretching that occurs during pregnancy.

Here is a quick routine that can be completed on its own or added to another workout!

Bikini Abs Circuit

1) Supine Leg Drop
Start with back on floor, legs straight up into air. Keep neutral spine, lower legs as much as possible without lifting low back off floor. Slowly return legs to starting position. Repeat.

2) Bent Knee Reverse Crunch
Same motion as leg drop, but knees are now bent to 90°. Only hinge at hips (knees locked) to bring heels of feet toward ground *just* to touch, then return to starting position. Repeat.

3) Upper Abs Crunch
Feet on ground, with knees bent. Hands start on either side of head (not behind head to avoid pulling neck). Lift upper body to peel shoulder blades off floor. Return slowly. Repeat.

4) Dead Bug (10/side)
All four limbs start in the air. Hold right arm and left leg while releasing left arm and right leg slowly toward ground - stretching away from each other. Return to starting position. Lower right arm and left leg. Repeat.

5) Slow Bicycles (10/side)
On back - touch hands to each side of your head (not pulling behind neck), and bend knees. Twist to look over your right side while you touch left elbow to right knee at the same time as you extend left leg. Switch sides fluently. Repeat.

6) V-Sit Crunch
Sitting up, place hands on either side of hips. Lift legs up, bent to 90° and find balance on tail bone. Straighten legs and slightly lower upper body backwards. Crunch body back to start. Repeat.

7) Side Plank (10 seconds/side)
Facing right side, balance on right forearm (elbow under shoulder) and stacked feet. Push hips into the air. Hold 10 seconds. Without break, switch to left side. Hold.

8) Front Plank (10 seconds)

Without break from left side plank, balance on both forearms and toes. Hold.

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