Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Summer Schedule FAQs

These are some of the most common questions I have heard regarding our summer schedule, as it is a little different and much more flexible than our usual six-week pre-registered sessions!
This was our wonderful group for the free Bootcamp - May 5

Why the changes?
For the summer months, I wanted to make our schedule more flexible with drop-in options and "punch passes" so that you can attend when it works into your summer plans!

With the 10- and 5- Class Pass can we mix and match our classes?
Definitely!! The most common classes to do this will be the Tuesday morning Mom & Me Fit and the Wednesday evening Bootcamp. Prenatal Fit is indoors, in a smaller space, and you must be pregnant to attend this class. Therefore, if you are pregnant and have a little one, you can attend any of the classes!

Will I receive a resistance band with the 10- or 5- Class Pass?
For the Summer Session, we will not be including a resistance band as a part of registration. Come Fall, all new registrants will receive a resistance band to bring each week! If you already have one our bands, you are more than welcome to bring it throughout the summer months!

Can I bring my children to the 5:45pm Wednesday Bootcamp?
This class if open to all women, with and without children, so we are keeping this a child-free class! There is a playground nearby if you choose to have another caregiver bring them to play while you exercise, but we will not always be in view. 

Rain or shine for outdoor classes?
Reasonably, yes! If we are socked in and a big storm is rolling through one Tuesday morning or Wednesday evening, we will cancel and make-up options will be offered! I do not want anyone losing out on money due to weather! If it is a little chilly or drizzling, we will dress warm and use the covered picnic spaces to complete our workout!

Can I wear my baby to the Mom & Me Fit?
Yes!! Safe and effective modifications will be given . Since our workouts will be different each week, some classes will be more suited to baby wearing than others. If our class is more cardio based one week, I will recommend against baby wearing in order to increase your heart rate more! Weeks where our workout is more strength based will be easier to hold or wear your baby! 

If I am pregnant, can I attend any of the classes?
YES!! Safe and effective modifications will be made if you are expecting. 

Any other questions? 
Please feel free to post them here or email me at kellie.fityourlife@gmail.com !

Check out our Spring and Summer schedules!!

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