Sunday, 31 May 2015

Tasty Stuffed Peppers

Week night meals can be healthy, delicious, and fun! Trying new recipes or modifying one to create your own dish is a great way to expand your supper selection.

I love stuffed peppers! Often I use a recipe, but last week I felt like making one up as I went. My photos are not awesome and my amounts are estimated...but I hope you enjoy none-the-less!! This recipe was husband and infant approved!

Brooke was hungry - hence the missing pepper!
Tasty Stuffed Peppers

1 package lean ground turkey
3 bell peppers
1 cup cooked wild or brown rice
2 cups chopped veggies of your choice (I used sweet peppers, tomatoes, and carrots)
1 cup pineapple salsa
1/2 cup vegetable broth
Spices: black pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, paprika, and cayenne (to taste)
Optional: shredded cheese

1) Preheat oven to 400° F.
2) Brown ground turkey on stove. You may choose to add some spices as turkey is cooking.
3) While turkey is cooking, slice bell peppers in half and seed. Place six halves in a lightly oiled baking dish.
4) Chop desired vegetables.
5) Once turkey is cooked, add cooked rice, chopped vegetables, salsa, spices, and half of broth. Mix until well combined.
Combine mixture
6) Stuff each half pepper with mixture until all is used. If you have extra, you can place it around the peppers in the baking dish.

Stuff peppers with mixture

7) Pour remaining broth in baking dish.
8) Optional: sprinkle shredded cheese on top of each pepper, as desired.
9) Place baking dish in oven and cook for 20-30 minutes, until peppers are soft, mixture is warmed through, and cheese is melted.
10) Remove from oven, allow to cool, and serve with a side salad!


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Mama's Lower Body Circuit

Mama’s Lower Body Circuit
Full leg and glute workout for new Mamas

what you will need:
- a mat
- water
- resistance band (or dumbbells to mix things up!)
- a timer (the “Seconds” or “Seconds Pro” apps work great!)

3 Sun Salutations     
1 minute Tipsy
1 minute Walking Jacks
1 minute Sumo Squat
30 seconds Sumo Squat Pulse

Get Your Heart Rate Up!
15 Jumping Jacks – try to jump these, but listen to your body if your pelvic floor can tolerate it. If not, switch to walking jacks.
10 Push-Ups – start on your toes! You can always drop to your knees if needed.
20 Mountain Climbers – keep your hips low! One rep = both feet!
20 Bicycle Crunches – opposite elbow and knee meet. Every “meet” = one rep.

Toning Intervals!
45 seconds work : 15 seconds rest

Squat with Biceps Curl – use resistance band or dumbbells
Pendulum Lunges – 1st set all on one leg, switch for 2nd set
Shoulder press – use resistance band or dumbbells. 1st set all the same arm, switch for 2nd set
Side Lunge w/ Knee Up – 1st set all on one leg, switch for 2nd set
Deadlift with Upright Rows – use resistance band or dumbbells
Single Leg Squats – focus on balance. 1st set all on one leg, switch for 2nd set

Repeat “Get Your Heart Rate Up!”

2nd set of “Toning Intervals!”

Repeat “Get Your Heart Rate Up!”

Row Your Boat (twice through song) – v-sit holding baby and rocking side to side
1 minute Kneeling Superwomans – on all fours extending opposite arm and leg. Alternating with control.


Monday, 25 May 2015

Making time for you ... Selfish or selfless?

As a new mom or a mom-to-be, taking time for yourself and doing things that make you happy is actually a completely selfless act! Because you are used to taking care of others and worrying about everyone else the rest of the day, you are likely to feel selfish doing these activities. Stop right there. Do not feel selfish. Do not feel guilty. You need this time. Taking this time for you will actually make you a better wife, partner, mom, sister, aunt, friend, and coworker. You will be happier! Happier people have more energy to spend with the ones they love.

So, go on, do that something that makes you feel oh-so-good
and then get right back to taking care of everyone else!

This week, I challenge my clients do do two "selfish" things! One activity had to be fitness-related and the other could be whatever made them feel good. These activities did not have to be solo, they could involved their Littles, their partners, or other people, but they had to be activities that they wanted to do! I had them email me with their two selfish acts and I love what I read!

Here are some of the responses I received:

Fitness related

I went on three runs this week on my own.
Volleyball tournament - my high school was hosting an alumni volleyball tournament to raise funds for their athletics department. First time I played in ten years. So fun but I am so sore!
I went to the splash park twice today with Baby.
I went for a walk nightly with Baby during the week.
I went for a walk to the park with the kids.
I started doing morning workouts again and Baby is content watching :)
I played golf and also went for some walks in this beautiful weather.
I took my dog to the dog park for a long walk/play.
I had to bring my car in for some work, and rather than taking the shuttle, I walked the (approx) 5 km home, which was lovely as my husband had Baby, and it was 8 in the morning and just beautiful out!
Completed the Rocky Mountain Soap 5km walk in Canmore on Sunday.
My husband, daughter and I went for a long walk on one of my favourite trails. 
I have incorporated evening walks with my husband and dog into my fitness routine.
I went for a nice long walk! I did some walking lunges and squats while I was out for my walk as well.
I did yoga outside with a friend
My husband and I went for a bike ride

Non-fitness related

I hosted a Stella & Dot party at my place - shopping fun!
I enjoyed coffee with a friend (with Baby in tow).
I got my haircut (finally!!).
I went out for breakfast with a friend.
I went bathing suit shopping by myself and found one that I mostly like. I was dreading shopping for one but it turned out ok.
I met up with my girlfriend and met her brand new baby girl.
I enjoyed dinner with friends.
My in-laws were up on Sunday to see Baby, so I went to a friend’s house so he could tune up our bikes for the season, while I sat in the backyard with his wife and had a nice chilled glass of white wine...
I left my son at home with his Dad for the weekend, while I went to Canmore with my Mom, sisters and Grandma for a girls’ weekend.
I met up with a friend and we spent the evening downtown; we went for dinner and did some shopping. It was a beautiful evening so we even got to sit on the patio at the restaurant! It was such a nice treat. 
I scheduled a lunch date with an old friend and her son; we went to the park and enjoyed lunch together.
I got a pedicure!
I went for acupuncture/massage
I enjoyed a white chocolate raspberry scones/date night!

xoxox Kellie

Arm Burner

This is a great 10 minute workout to complete after a jog, HIIT routine, or on it's own to strengthen and tone your upper body!

What you will need:

- dumbbells (I suggest 3-10lbs so that the final three reps of each exercise are difficult to get through, but you can maintain proper form) 
- or a resistance band (modifications for some exercises)
- a mat
- water for when you're all done!

The workout:
Modifications are highlighted in a colours shown here:
- lesser intensity (i.e. pregnant and newly postpartum women)- resistance band variation

Jumping Jacks 
From a standing position, press through heels to jump feet wide while simultaneously reaching arms above your head. Jump back to starting position. Repeat. 
This can also be performed walking if jumping is not an option (pregnant and newly postpartum).

From a standing position, bend at hips to place hands on floor as you jump feet back into a high plank. Jump feet to return to standing and jump! Repeat.
This can also be done by stepping feet out into the high plank position and back (pregnant and newly postpartum).

Arnie Press
From a standing position, hold a dumbbell in each hand. Bring dumbbells up towards face with bent elbows. Palms facing each other. elbows bent. 'Open' arms away from each other, keeping 90 degree bend at elbows. Press dumbbells to meet above head. Lower in reverse order. Repeat.
A resistance band will likely be too tight for this exercise. Instead, you could use soup cans or filled water bottles!

Bicep Curls 21's 
From a standing position, hold dumbbells (or resistance band handle and stand on band) beside your body, bend through elbows to bring fists towards shoulders. Straighten arms, with control, to either side of your body. Repeat this for 7 reps. For the next 7 reps, only go from the bottom up to 90 degrees. For the last 7 reps, go from the top down to 90 degrees. Focus on control!

Overhead Press
From a standing position, have a dumbbell in each hand (or resistance band handle and stand on band). Engage core to protect your back and press your hands above your head to meet. Lower slowly to starting position. Repeat.
This can be done one-handed with a resistance band. Stand on one handle (or near) and hold other handle in one hand. Perform all reps on one side, then switch.

Push Ups
From a high plank position (hands on floor with wrists, elbows, and shoulders stacked and legs extended behind you) start with toes on the floor and drop to your knees whenever needed. Lower body as one unit by bending at elbows and engaging through your core. Imagine one straight line from shoulders to your ankles. Press through hands to raise body back to starting position. Repeat.
This can also be done from the knees for a modified version. 

Triceps Press Backs
From a standing position, have a dumbbell (or resistance band handle and stand on band). Bend at the hips while keeping the core engaged. Keep your upper arms in line with your torso and bend through your elbows to bring resistance forward. Then, straighten elbows to press resistance back. Repeat.
To complete this with a resistance band, put band around a post, tree, or hook around two door knobs and have one handle in each hand. Facing your anchor point, perform exercise as described above.

Army Crawl
From a forearm plank position, press off on arm and place hand on mat, directly under shoulder. Do the same with other arm. Then return to forearms on the mat, one at a time (think "up-up-down-down"). Keep core engaged as your upper body moved up and down. Repeat.
This can also be done from the knees for a modified version. 

Jab Cross (with weights)
From a standing position, have left foot slightly staggered in front of the right. Bring weights near face, with elbows pointed down. "Punch" left hand out, then simultaneously, the right hand. Switch stance after 5 reps. Repeat.
To complete this with a resistance band, put band around a post, tree, or hook around two door knobs and have one handle in each hand. Facing away from your anchor point, perform exercise as described above.

From your forearms, ensure that elbows are stacked under your shoulders and feet are extended behind you. Spine should be straight with a line from your shoulders to ankles. Press into elbows to keep upper back lifted and engage core to keep hips from curving towards your mat. Hold for 30 seconds.
This can also be done from the knees for a modified version.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Rock That Baby!!

Rock That Baby!
Full Body Prenatal Workout

what you will need:
- a mat
- water
- resistance band (or dumbbells to mix things up!)
- a timer (the “Seconds” or “Seconds Pro” apps work great!)

Warm-Up – 3 minutes
1 minute each
1) Sun Salutations
2) Tipsy
3) Warrior 2 Flow

Full Body Toning

20 Full Plié Squat
20 Low Pulsing Plié Squats
20 Balancing Glute Kick – right side      (10 hips open and 10 with hips square)

20 Full Plié Squat
20 Low Pulsing Plié Squats
20 Balancing Glute Kick – left side      (10 hips open and 10 with hips square)

15 Bent Over Row with Triceps Kickback
Biceps 21’s (7 full curls, 7 bottom half, 7 top half)
20 Shoulder Raises (alternating lateral and forward raises)

Full Body Circuit
2 minutes work : 30 seconds rest – set your timer!
1) Single Leg Dead Lift with Upright Row
2) Back Lunge with Shoulder Press (switch sides after 1 minute)
3) Squat with Leg Abduction (alternate legs each rep)
4) Alternating Push-Ups and Plank (start at 7 and work way down to 1)
5) Standing Punch & Crunch (switch sides after 1 minute)

1 minute each
Static Kneeling Superwomen
(right arm and left leg extend, then switch sides after 30 seconds)
Side plank (30 seconds per side)

Downward Dog | Deep Lunge – right | Reverse into Hamstring Stretch | Downward Dog | Deep Lunge – left | Reverse into Hamstring Stretch | Downward Dog | Pigeon – right | Downward Dog | Pigeon – left | Downward Dog | Seated Cow Face Pose*

*this was the new stretch where we sat tall and crossed our legs so that our shins were stacked. Aim for your knee to be on top of opposite ankle. This is a deep hip stretch, so be cautious to be gentle on your body!


Friday, 15 May 2015

Love Yourself! Happy Long Weekend!

It's the first long weekend of the warm weather in Alberta and I hope you have fun plans with awesome people! Remember to surround yourself with those who make you feel good. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Full Body BOSU!

I love my BOSU! It is a great way to get a little extra core, balance, and stability work while exercising the entire body! I posted a similar workout to this awhile back, but re-vamped it!! Little B and I complete this routine twice through yesterday morning. 

What you will need:
- a BOSU ball (you can modify this workout if you do not have one!)
- a set of dumbbells (8-15lbs each so that you can conplete the reps with proper form, but it is a challenge)


All exercises are completed using the BOSU!
(blue side is less challenging, black side is more challenging)

Step-Ups - one foot is in centre of blue or black side (depending on your level), step other leg through to touch foot beside balancing foot. Step bent leg back onto the floor. Repeat all reps before switching sides.
Squats - plant both feet, shoulder width apart, on blue or black side (depending on stability). Bend knees to lower booty back and behind. Keep your knees over your ankles and chest high. Return to standing. Repeat.
Burpies - black side up. Place hands on handles as you jump/step feet back into plank. Return to standing on floor and repeat.

Squats with Shoulder Press - same as squats above, with dumbbells in each hand in front of shoulder with bent elbows and palms facing away from you. As you stand up from squat position, press dumbbells over head into a press. Bend elbows to lower to shoulder height and hold there to perform next squat. 
Push-Ups - black side up. Place hands on handles with a straight line from shoulder to hips (if knees on floor) or to ankles (if toes on floor). Lower chest towards BOSU, then press back up. Repeat.
High Plank Tummy Tuck - black side up. Stay in high push-up position with straight elbows. Tuck one knee towards the same elbow while the other side of your body remains stable. Replace foot and alternate until all reps complete. 
Alternating Front Lunges with Biceps Curl - Standing behind the BOSU and with one dumbbell in each hand (arms down by your sides), step one foot onto the middle of the BOSU (blue or black side). Bend through both knees to achieve ninety degree angles (or close to) in each. Press through front heel to bring back leg to starting position. Perform a biceps curl. Repeat other side. 
Army Crawl - blue side up. Place forearms in centre of BOSU. Press off on arm and place hand on mat beside BOSU. Do the same with other arm. Then return to forearms on BOSU, one at a time (think "up-up-down-down"). Repeat.
Knee Raise with Kick - one foot is in centre of blue or black side (depending on your level), step other leg through to a forward knee raise (balancing on BOSU foot). If your balance is there, extend leg by kicking foot forward. Step bent leg back onto the floor. Repeat all reps before switching sides.
Rocking Plank - black side up. Place hands on handles and extend legs into high plank position (can also be performed from knees). Press down with one hand to "rock" BOSU to that side while maintaining a tight core. Rock to other side. Repeat.
Crunch with a Twist* - blue side up. Lie so BOSU is curved into the small of back. Hands are near ears or behind head (do not pull on your neck) and elbows pointed outwards. Crunch up by bringing rib cage towards hip bones. Add a slight twist by pointing right elbow to left side. Lower slowly. Repeat other side, then alternate until all reps complete.
Bicycle Crunch* - straight into this from Crunch with a Twist. Continue same motion and add knee. When right elbow comes to left side, lift left knee to meet in the middle of your body. Lower and repeat other side. Repeat until all reps complete.
Plank - black side up. Place hands on handles and extend legs into high plank (can also be done from knees). With straight arms, keep your core tight and hold.

**Postpartum with Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) and Pregnancy >16 weeks gestation**
Perform push-ups, army crawl, rocking plank, and plank from knees.

Use extra caution and focus on engaging your core.
Do not perform crunches and bicycles, instead perform Cat-Cow from knees with hands on black side of BOSU:

Cat-Cow - From hands and knees, ensure joints are stacked and spine is neutral. Inhale as you look up and curve tailbone towards ceiling. Exhale as you look down and bring hip bones in towards belly button. Continue to move with your breath. Each full movement is one repetition.


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Summer Schedule FAQs

These are some of the most common questions I have heard regarding our summer schedule, as it is a little different and much more flexible than our usual six-week pre-registered sessions!
This was our wonderful group for the free Bootcamp - May 5

Why the changes?
For the summer months, I wanted to make our schedule more flexible with drop-in options and "punch passes" so that you can attend when it works into your summer plans!

With the 10- and 5- Class Pass can we mix and match our classes?
Definitely!! The most common classes to do this will be the Tuesday morning Mom & Me Fit and the Wednesday evening Bootcamp. Prenatal Fit is indoors, in a smaller space, and you must be pregnant to attend this class. Therefore, if you are pregnant and have a little one, you can attend any of the classes!

Will I receive a resistance band with the 10- or 5- Class Pass?
For the Summer Session, we will not be including a resistance band as a part of registration. Come Fall, all new registrants will receive a resistance band to bring each week! If you already have one our bands, you are more than welcome to bring it throughout the summer months!

Can I bring my children to the 5:45pm Wednesday Bootcamp?
This class if open to all women, with and without children, so we are keeping this a child-free class! There is a playground nearby if you choose to have another caregiver bring them to play while you exercise, but we will not always be in view. 

Rain or shine for outdoor classes?
Reasonably, yes! If we are socked in and a big storm is rolling through one Tuesday morning or Wednesday evening, we will cancel and make-up options will be offered! I do not want anyone losing out on money due to weather! If it is a little chilly or drizzling, we will dress warm and use the covered picnic spaces to complete our workout!

Can I wear my baby to the Mom & Me Fit?
Yes!! Safe and effective modifications will be given . Since our workouts will be different each week, some classes will be more suited to baby wearing than others. If our class is more cardio based one week, I will recommend against baby wearing in order to increase your heart rate more! Weeks where our workout is more strength based will be easier to hold or wear your baby! 

If I am pregnant, can I attend any of the classes?
YES!! Safe and effective modifications will be made if you are expecting. 

Any other questions? 
Please feel free to post them here or email me at !

Check out our Spring and Summer schedules!!