Monday, 20 April 2015

Resistance Band Workout

Resistance bands are a great exercise tool as they are portable, functional, and relatively inexpensive. This is why the clients registered in my six week programs receive one with their registration fee! I want to provide ladies with tools to keep active in their daily life. So, this workout is one that can be done with your resistance band - anywhere, anytime!


Tipsy with Band x 30 reps
Fold resistance band in half and grasp one end in each hand - reach hands over head elongating through the spine and gently bend at the waist side-to-side. Core is engaged. 


Squat with Biceps Curl x 15 reps
Step both feet on band while holding onto handles. Arms are relaxed. Bend knees to lower into squat position. Simultaneously bend elbows to curl handles towards shoulders. Return to starting position. Keep core engaged throughout movement. 

Shoulder Press One-Arm x 15 reps/side
Stand on one handle and hold other in one hand at shoulder with elbow pointed down and palm facing out. Press through palm to raise hand up and above head while straightening elbow. Other arm can be placed on hip or down by your side. With control, bend elbow to return hand to starting position. Hips remain stable. After all reps are complete, switch sides. 

Side-Step Squat x 1 minute
Step on band with both feet and one handle in each hand. Cross handles to form an "x" in front of your body. Maintaining the resistance in your band, take five small steps to the right, then five small steps back to the left. Continue to step back and forth with a small bend in your knees. 

Triceps Extensions - Balancing! x 20 reps
From a standing position, hold one handle of band in both hands above your head and stand on the other end with one foot. Lift other foot off the floor to balance. Elbows should be facing forward. Bend through elbows to lower band behind your head. Press through your hands to lift the handles back over your head. Keep core engaged through the entire movement to not arch through your back. Repeat. (switch balancing foot at 10 reps)  

Bent Over Rows x 20 reps 
From a standing position, with feet hip distance apart hold one handle in each hand with both feet on band. Bend slightly at waist, but maintain engaged core and flat back. Row handles towards chest by squeezing shoulder blades together and drawing elbows in and up to pass your sides. Slowly release. Repeat.    

Deadlifts with Upright Rows x 20 reps
From a standing position, with feet hip distance apart hold one handle in each hand with both feet on band. With core and legs engaged, hinge at hips to lower towards floor while keeping a slight bend in the knees. Bend until your hands are near your lower leg. With core engaged and spine straight (looking slightly forward helps) lift your upper body back to standing position. As you stand up, bend elbows to lift hands towards your chin. Palms facing in and elbows pointed out. Squeeze shoulder blades together to row handles up. Slowly lower palms to starting position. Repeat.     

Standing Side Crunches x 30 reps
Stand on band with both feet and grasp below handles (on covered tubing) with both hands. From hips, lean to the left by reaching left hand down towards left foot. Right resistance should increase. By engaging right side core, return to standing straight. Repeat other side. That is one rep. 

Keep a tight core throughout the entire workout by drawing belly button up and in. Maintain proper posture by standing tall and hugging shoulder blades together. 

Repeat x 2-3 sets!


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