Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Mommy's Full Body Routine

Happy Tuesday! Getting a workout in with a new baby can be tricky, as they need so much from you! So, why not incorporate cuddles and tickles into your exercise routine?

This workout allows you to hold baby as your "weight" for some exercises and be face to face with you for others! Exercising is about loving your body, so add a little extra love from your Little while you are it!

Workout breakdown...

- if weather and time permit, go for a walk around the block (or further) to get your muscles ready!
- if this doesn't work, do a few sets of stairs in your home, or a series of squats, lunges, arm circles, etc. 

Squats - feet hip width apart and hold baby securely. engage core by drawing belly button in towards spine. chest is up and shoulder blades are squeezing together. bend through hips and knees to lower towards floor, ensuring that your bum goes out behind you. you should always to able to see your toes! lift to standing. repeat.

Alternating Lunges - feet hip width apart and hold baby securely. engage core by drawing belly button in towards spine. chest is up and shoulder blades are squeezing together. step one foot forward and lower hips towards floor. you should be able to see your front toes - knee should not pass over. press through front heel to return to standing. alternate legs. 

Biceps Curls - place baby on floor or where ever they are safe and comfortable (vibrating chair, etc) and grab your resistance band. step on middle of band while holding one handle in each hand. have a slight bend in your knees and engage your core. bend elbows to bring handles towards shoulders, while keeping your chest up. return slowly to starting position and repeat. 

Shoulder Press - either using resistance band OR your baby ... stand tall with core engaged and press band handles over your shoulders to meet above your head. complete all reps this way. if the band is too tight for this, step on one handle and do a one-handed press with one side. complete 10 on one side, then switch to the other side. if you are using your baby as resistance, with core engaged, lift baby above your head and lower slowly. repeat for all reps. 

High Plank - place baby on your mat with your hands on either side of him/her. from your knees or toes, engage core and ensure hips are in line with your shoulders. hold for 30 seconds. 

Chest Press - lie on floor with resistance band under upper back OR holding baby above your chest. feet on floor with knees bent. press handles or baby towards ceiling until elbows are straight (not locked). lower slowly. repeat. 

Cat/Cows - stay on all fours. inhale as you look towards ceiling and curl tailbone up at the same time. allow baby to drop towards floor. exhale as you curl chin and pelvis inwards and hug baby while rounding your spine out towards ceiling. continue this fluid motion focussing on loosening through your spine and not worrying about how deep you go. repeat.

Kneeling Superwomans - transition from side plank to all fours (hands and knees). hands should be directly under shoulders; stacking wrists, elbows, and shoulders. knees should be directly under hips. press into right hand and left knee as you lift left arm and right leg straight and away from your body. engage your core by drawing baby in towards you and try to keep back flat. return to starting position. extend right arm and left leg. repeat.

Bridge Lifts - set up in bridge with baby on your hips. from your back, feet should be under your bent knees. lift glutes off the floor while pressing through heels and engaging your core. lower slowly - think about uncurling your spine, one vertebrae at a time. repeat. 

Slow Bicycles - baby will be beside you for this one. lie flat on back with shoulder blades and bent knees off floor. hands by the ears, rotate body to bring right elbow to left knee while twisting. then, left elbow to right knee. repeat.

Side Plank - right forearm and right knee. left leg will be straight over right bent knee while you face open to the right side. left hand can be on left hip, or straight up into the air. press hips up to keep a straight line from left ankle to left shoulder. hold for count of 30 seconds before switching over to left side.


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