Monday, 26 January 2015

Sports Bra While Breastfeeding ... How important is a good one?

Imagine pulling out an old pair of running shoes, dusting them off, putting them on, and heading out for a run on a beautiful sunny day. They are tight. Way too tight. Despite the gorgeous scenery, you will most likely not enjoy your run and end up with blisters on your painful feet. 

It can be argued that a proper fitting sports bra is nearly as important as proper fitting running shoes for physical activity. You wouldn't wear shoes that are too tight. Why would you try to squeeze into an uncomfortable sports bra?! Pregnancy causes breasts to enlarge, preparing for lactation. Beginning a new exercise routine after having a baby will be enough of a challenge on it's own; by enjoying the luxuries of a well fitting and comfortable sports bra, your workout will feel like a dream (or at least you will be well on your way)!

Poorly fitting sports bras can cause some major issues for lactating women. Besides being uncomfortable, bras that are too tight can cause clogged ducts, which can lead to mastitis (breast infection). Bras that are too loose will not be supportive enough to contain your breastfeeding bosoms. Starting at around the 30 week mark, you should start to be able to shop for a sports bra that will work for you throughout the rest of your pregnancy and well into breastfeeding. If you continue to have breast changes, shop accordingly. 

There are many brands of sports bras, with even more styles. Two brands that have a great selection of front strap clip and front zip options (think easy access!) are Victoria's Secret and Moving Comfort. Having a front closure sports bra is very convenient for nursing moms. This way, you can continue to feed on demand before, during, or after your workout. Just wipe your breast with a cloth and warm water and you are ready to nurse your baby!


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