Monday, 12 January 2015

Loving Your Body

As some of my followers might already know, I am huge fan of Tone It Up ... Two inspirational women, based out of California, who through their website, workouts, nutrition plan, and other social media, empower other women to feel and look amazing. Although I have followed Tone It Up (TIU) since 2010 and purchased their nutrition plan in 2012, it was only this summer that I became involved in their online community. I had been missing out. Big time! This online community of supportive women from around the globe is truly one of a kind. TIU members "check-in" with collages of their meals, workouts, and other inspirations and of course, being social media, other members "like" and comment while supporting and encouraging one another. 

The current TIU series is called "Love Your Body". It is a six week challenge between New Years and Valentines Day where TIU encourages the team to commit to a lifestyle change that will make them feel and look fabulous ...

Join thousands of women for the next 6 weeks for the most inspiring and motivating fitness challenge of the year. Get ready to discover a side of you that you never knew existed, a strength deep inside you that is ready to drive you to your dreams and goals and to Love Your Body for Valentine’s Day. 

So, I decided to jump on board and take my social media check-ins up a notch. Increase my accountability to others in the community and push myself physically for 45 days in hopes of seeing some great changes! I started "following" other #TIUmoms and we even created our own #TIULYBmamas to be able to encourage other women facing similar daily challenges and in similar stages of life. The support has been overwhelming. Although we have public accounts in order to check-in to the community, we feel that it is a safe place to share what is going on in our lives; both positive and negative.

As mentioned in their description, the TIU Love Your Body series is more than looking great, it is about feeling great in your own body. About loving your body. Last week I took some time to really evaluate what this meant to me and this is what I came up with...

She is the reason I fell back in love with my body. Before we became pregnant with Baby B, I was running three to four mornings per week, strength training four to five times per week, and practicing yoga regularly. I was in great shape, however, always yearned for more. Tears fill my eyes each time I think about the evening we learned we were pregnant. From that moment, I developed a new love for my body. In the months that followed, I watched my body change daily to support this beautiful life inside me. I weighed more than I ever have and at the same time was more in love with my body that I ever have been. She has taught me the incredible feats my physical body is capable of. She has also taught me that my emotional body can love more than I ever thought imaginable. I fell in love with my body again on the day B was born. In the weeks after, I was amazed that my body could grow such an amazing little person and now nourish her little body and mind through milk, touch, and love. Simply by being the happy baby that she is, she encourages me each day to support and accept the continuing changes of my physical body. She cheers me on as I run and sweat with her playing by my side. She reminds me to nurture my emotional body in the way she smiles at me and loves me for who I am right now. I can never thank her enough for all of these things she has put my body through and how they have taught me to love and cherish my body every day.

I thought that my TIU account would be a great way to get these words out and possibly inspire a few other Moms going through similar changes in their body and mindset. I was absolutely blown away when TIU picked this post as a winner for the Love Your Body series check-in. I was humbled and honoured by the thousands of women who "liked" and the hundreds of women who commented on this post.

Although they might let us down sometimes and not always be capable of what we expect them to do, our bodies are amazing. We need to love them. Through this love, we will find a new appreciation for all they have done for us and continue to do.

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