Monday, 28 July 2014

Baby & Me Bootcamp #5

Another beautiful week last week for bootcamp outdoors and only three sessions left for the summer. Through the heat and sunshine, we focussed on legs, both strength and endurance. Here it is...
Leg Burner

Walk/jog around park
Hills #1- lunge up hill with stroller
- jog down and up (leave stroller at top)
- jog down and bear crawl up

Squat Series(30 seconds each)
- low squat
- high squat
- full squat
30 second break and repeat

Leg Circuit(60 seconds each)
- single leg squats (30s/side)
- reverse lunge with knee raise (30s/side)
- low squat side step (with band)
- calf raises (with stroller)
60 second break and repeat

Walk/jog around park
Hills #2- run up/down x3 (leave stroller at bottom)
- lunge up with stroller
- mid-hill squats with stroller x15

Core10 double leg drops
10 reverse
10 crunches
10 full sit ups
10 bicycles
10 russian twists
10 v-sits
60 second plank


Monday, 21 July 2014

Baby & Me Bootcamp #4

Last week was another hot bootcamp day! Luckily, Baby B and I were able to arrive early and snag a couple tables under the shade for our workout. The light breeze and shade were great during the workout, and the sunshine felt great as we finished with core in the soccer field. 

I borrowed this workout from one I created last September 17 (2013). It is a great full body routine that combines a few different styles. 

Pump Yo' Jam

one loop around park

(30 seconds each)
1) Jumping Jacks
2) Squat Jumps
3) Speed Skaters
4) Ski Moguls

Tabata 1
(20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest)
1) Incline Push-Ups
2) Triceps Dips
3) Incline Push-Ups
4) Triceps Dips
5) Incline Push-Ups
6) Triceps Dips
7) Incline Push-Ups
8) Triceps Dips

(60 second hold)
1) Low Squat Hold
2) Plank Hold

Tabata 2

(20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest)
1) Alternating Lunges
2) Glute Kick-Back - all fours
3) Alternating Lunges
4) Glute Kick-Back - all fours
5) Alternating Lunges
6) Glute Kick-Back - all fours
7) Altnerating Lunges
8) Glute Kick-Back - all fours

one loop around park

repeat Tabata 1, Isometrics, and Tabata 2


1 minute plank
10 bicycles
20 reverse crunches
30 mountain climbers
20 hip lifts in side plank (10/side)
10 double leg drops


Monday, 14 July 2014

Arm Burner

As we enter our last month of half marathon training, I have created a more regimented cross training/ strength training schedule to balance out our weekly running. Thursdays, we now focus on upper body and here is our new Arm Burner workout!

Arm Burner

30 Jumping Jacks
10 Burpies
x2 sets

Resistance Training
use dumbbells or resistance bands
15 Arnie Press
Biceps Curls 21's (7 lower half - 7 upper half - 7 full)
15 Overhead Press
15 Push Ups
15 Triceps Press Backs
10 Army Crawl
10 Jab Cross w/ weights
30 second High Plank
x2 sets


Baby & Me Bootcamp #3

It was HOT last week, but these ladies and their babes powered through a sweaty workout! It was a full body, no equipment workout that focussed on muscle endurance, as each set was one minute long. Participants could take little breaks throughout the minute, if required, and were encouraged to join back in as quickly as hey could!

The Workout

walk/jog around playground x1


1 minute jump sumo squats
1 minute wide push-ups
1 minute backwards lunge (30 seconds per leg)
1 minute army crawl
1 minute single leg bridge (30 seconds per leg)
1 minute speed skaters
1 minute side plank leg lift (30 seconds per side)
30 seconds narrow triceps push-ups
30 seconds v-sit hold

repeat x 3 sets

10 double leg drops
10 reverse crunches
10 crunches
10 slow bicycles
10 v-sit crunches
10 russian twists
30 second plank