Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Baby & Me Bootcamp #2

Week two was another success! A beautiful morning to be outside and share the fresh air with wonderful ladies and their babies. This week we combined body weight exercises and the use of the hill to get a great sweat!

Here is what we did...

Warm-Up- walk/jog with stroller around park at own pace

Body Weight Strength

- 15 squats
- 15 sumo squats
- 15 calf raise in sumo squat

quick water break
- 15 plank jacks 
- 15 triceps dips
- 15 sit ups

Hill Work

- run x3 OR walk x2 OR lunge x1 up and down hill
- 15 stroller biceps curls downhill (safety first!)
- 15 stroller rows downhill (safety first!)

Repeat Body Weight Strength

Repeat Hill Work

Jog/Walk loop with or without stroller

- 10 double leg drop
- 10 crunches
- 10 bicycles
- plank 30 seconds

x2 sets 
- second set 60 second plank



Baby & Me Bootcamp #1

Our first Baby & Me Bootcamp was a success! We had a great turnout, with the little ones outnumbering us, but so fun! I have heard that everyone's triceps and quads felt great the next day!!

Here is what we did last week...

- walk/jog around paved loop at own pace with stroller

Full Body Endurance Circuit

(90 seconds each station)
- squats
- row (with band)
- walking lunges
- elevated push-ups (we used a picnic table)

Arm Tabata 

(20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest - alternating exercises x4 rounds each)
- burpies
- triceps dips

Leg Tabata

(20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest - alternating exercises x4 rounds each)
- squat jacks
- bench step-ups

Repeat Full Body Endurance Circuit 
(30 seconds at each station)

- double leg drop x10
- bicycles x10
- crunches x10
- plank x30 (twice)



Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Postpartum Circuit

I am re-posting this workout from April 2013, as it can be intimidating to get back in to exercise after having a baby. Not only intimidating, but tricky finding the time for yourself to do so. This workout is great for strengthening and stretching muscles after baby comes and to get you back moving!

Make sure you have medical clearance from your physician or midwife prior to exercise postpartum, especially if you had a c-section. 

Postpartum Full Body Circuit
Warm up 

- either a brisk walk around the neighborhood. If weather non-permitting, a series of walking lunges, stair climbs, shoulder rolls, and arm circles

Full Body Circuit
15 body-weight squats
15 bent over rows with dumbbells
30 seconds walking jacks 
10/side standing cross body crunch (opposite knee to elbow)
15 triceps dips
30 seconds walking lunges
10 reverse lunges/leg
15 shoulder presses
30 slow mountain climbers
repeat x1

10 seated pelvic floor lifts
10 supine transverse abdominal activations (TVA) - flattening the low back curve
10 slow crunches
10 cat/cows (on all fours)
10 kneeling superwomans
30 second plank (from knees)
30 second child pose
15 second side plank/side

Stretch - seated hamstring, butterfly, standing quads, chest opener... whatever feels good!!


The Rise and Shine Workout

My absolute favourite time to workout is in the morning! 

Now.. having a new baby around can sometimes mean I workout when I can, not when I "want", but she is pretty accommodating. Luckily, for now, she likes watching me exercise while sitting in her vibrating chair.

This is a great workout to wake your body up and get you ready for whatever your day might bring!

Rise and Shine Workout

Warm Up / Cardio- 10 burpies
- 20 jump squats
- 30 jumping jacks
- 20 jump squats
- 10 burpies

Legs / Arms- 10 jump lunges
- 10 push-ups
- 20 squats with calf raise
- 20 triceps dips
- 30 speed skaters
- 30 biceps curls
- 30 speed skaters
- 30 biceps curls
- 20 squat with calf raise
- 20 triceps dips
- 10 jump lunges
- 10 push-ups

Core- 10 full sit ups
- 20 side plank hip dips (10/side)
- 30 russian twists
- 30 second low plank
- 20 slow bicycles
- 10 full sit ups


The Any Trimester Prenatal Workout

Staying active during pregnancy can help you physically cope with your changing body, but also help you emotionally. Although it can be tough to get motivated with the fatigue, aches, and everything else that carrying your growing baby can bring, you will be glad you got moving! Increasing your fitness level prior to and during your pregnancy helps your body with the changes it must go through, it can also help your labour, delivery, and recovery!

This workout is great for any trimester, as the exercises will not put you in positions that create excess stress on joints or your spine. If you were not exercising much prior to your pregnancy, or have not during your pregnancy, please take it easy and begin with one set at your own pace. If your doctor or midwife is following your pregnancy closely for any reason (high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, etc.) please consult them prior to exercising. Also, if you are on bed rest or modified bed rest, please do not complete this workout.

The Any Trimester Prenatal Workout

30 walking jacks (jumping jacks without the "jump" - step your feet side to side while moving your arms)
5 step-out burpies (burpies without the "jump" - hands on the floor, step your feet to a high plank, then step back)
15 weighted squats on BOSU (or on the floor - use dumbbells, barbell, or filled water bottles)
15 biceps curls on BOSU (or on the floor - use dumbbells, barbell, or filled water bottles)
15 BOSU push ups (or kneeling or raised push-ups)
10 BOSU lunges/leg (or on the floor - use dumbbells, barbell, or filled water bottles)
15 triceps dips (keep the knees bent and lower while bending your elbows to 90 degrees)
10 cat/cows (on hands and knees - great for the spine)
10 kneeling supermans (low back strengthening)
30 second plank (kneeling if you are further than 16 weeks)

Repeat x 2-3 sets