Sunday, 15 September 2013

Wednesday, September 11 Lunchtime Boot Camp

What a beautiful day it was to enjoy the outdoors, or at least for some time during lunch break! We had the biggest group out yet with 14 participants!! Awesome!

I tweaked the "Perfect 10" workout with a few different exercises, put everyone in groups of 3 or 4 and they rotated through the exercises, sharing a resistance band. The smaller groups seemed to work great, as they were able to visit (between breaths) as they exercised, and then just waited for the time to switch exercises. 

Here it is...

Even More Perfect 10

each exercise for one minute. repeat entire sequence twice through.

Reverse Lunges

Resistance Band Wide Rows


Full Sit-Ups

one minute rest

Side Lunges

Resistance Band Biceps Curls

Mountain Climbers


one minute rest


Resistance Band Low Squat Side Steps

Triceps Dips



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