Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wednesday, September 25 Lunchtime Boot Camp

Our last lunchtime boot camp of September and we had 10 wonderful women out for this intense cardio workout! It has been awhile since we have done this one, so here it is again!

Cardio Kick

30 seconds per exercise x 3 rounds

1) Jumping Jacks

2) Jump Squats

3) Mountain Climbers

4) Butt Kicks

rest 30 seconds

5) High Knees

6) Plank Jacks

7) Speed Skaters

8) Push-Ups

rest 30 seconds

9) Burpies

10) Mountain Climbers

11) Tuck Jumps

12) Wall Sit

rest 30 seconds and repeat two more times!


Tuesday, September 24 United Way Boot Camp

What a beautiful evening in the river valley it was! The leaves are falling and the cool air with the sun still shining. Beautiful!

We had 19 ladies out for this sweaty workout!!

Total of 26 minutes and a little extra core at the end!

Toned on Tuesday

each exercise for 60 seconds, then repeat entire circuit 3 times

1) Jump Sumo Squats

2) Wide Push-Ups

3) Backwards Lunges

4) Army Crawl

5) Single Leg Bridge Raises (supine)

6) Speed Skaters

7) Side Plank with Leg Raise

8) Narrow Triceps Push-Ups

9) V-Sit Hold

rest for 1 minute and repeat!

Then we did one round of my core circuit!

10 Double Leg Drops

10 Reverse Crunches

10 Crunches

10 Slow Bicycles

10 Dead Bugs

10 V-Sit Crunches

10 Russian Twists

10 second Plank Hold


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tuesday September 17 - Two Boot Camps in One Day...

Happy Tuesday!

Something happened today that has not happened in literally years for me... I taught two classes in one day, and loved it! The fresh air, the dedication, the smiles, and of course, the high fives at the end! Awesome. 

We had our weekly "Lunchtime Boot Camp" today instead of the typical Wednesday session because of a conflict and then the Get Fit for United Way program kicked off today. I was approached to collaborate with another fitness instructor on creating a program to raise funds for the great cause of United Way. We have just begun a 6 week session where all registrants take part in Tuesday outdoor, river valley boot-camp style class and Thursday Buns n' Bellies style indoor class! We sold out of spots and are very excited about this initiative!

Here are the two workouts from today! 

Partners and Bands

partner up. one or two resistance bands required for certain exercises. 

all exercises are for one minute. 

Set #1

1) Jumping Jacks

2) Partner Standing Oblique Twists, with Resistance Band


Set #2

1) Froggers

2) Partner Resistance Band Rows


Set #3

1) Dolphin Push-Ups

2) Partner Resistance Band Chest Press



10 x supine double leg drop

10 x reverse crunches

10 x crunches

10 x slow bicycles

10 x dead bug

10 x russian twists

10 second v-sit hold

1 minute plank hold

Pump Yo' Jam


(30 seconds each)

1) Jumping Jacks

2) Squat Jumps

3) Speed Skaters

4) Ski Moguls


Tabata 1

(20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest)

1) Incline Push-Ups

2) Triceps Dips

3) Incline Push-Ups

4) Triceps Dips

5) Incline Push-Ups

6) Triceps Dips

7) Incline Push-Ups

8) Triceps Dips


(60 second hold)

1) Low Squat Hold

2) Plank Hold

Tabata 2

(20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest)

1) Alternating Lunges


Glute Kick-Back - all fours

3) Alternating Lunges


Glute Kick-Back - all fours

5) Alternating Lunges


Glute Kick-Back - all fours

7) Altnerating Lunges

8) Glute Kick-Back - all fours

Core (we ran out of time because of a late start, but intended to have this at the end)

1 minute plank

10 bicycles

20 reverse crunches

30 mountain climbers

20 hip lifts in side plank (10/side)

10 double leg drops


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Wednesday, September 11 Lunchtime Boot Camp

What a beautiful day it was to enjoy the outdoors, or at least for some time during lunch break! We had the biggest group out yet with 14 participants!! Awesome!

I tweaked the "Perfect 10" workout with a few different exercises, put everyone in groups of 3 or 4 and they rotated through the exercises, sharing a resistance band. The smaller groups seemed to work great, as they were able to visit (between breaths) as they exercised, and then just waited for the time to switch exercises. 

Here it is...

Even More Perfect 10

each exercise for one minute. repeat entire sequence twice through.

Reverse Lunges

Resistance Band Wide Rows


Full Sit-Ups

one minute rest

Side Lunges

Resistance Band Biceps Curls

Mountain Climbers


one minute rest


Resistance Band Low Squat Side Steps

Triceps Dips



Thursday, 5 September 2013

Wednesday, September 4 Lunchtime Boot Camp

Today marked the first boot camp session of September, but it sure did not feel like Fall. It was a beautiful warm and sunny day in the river valley!

This week's workout was Wake Up Your Muscles!


(60 seconds each)


High knees

Jumping jacks

Full Body Circuit

(60 seconds each x 2 rounds)

1) Cobra push-up begin on ground with hands directly under shoulders and feet wider than hip width. Press into hands to lift upper body up and off ground, into a "cobra" position. Using glutes, lift lower body into the air until you are in a "downward dog" position. Lower going through the motions opposite. Repeat.)

2) Pulsing jump squats
3) Plank with leg raises (in low front plank lift one leg up at a time very steady. Lower down with control and switch legs. Does not need to be lifted too high)
4) Pulsing jump lunges
5) Bicycles
6) Wall sit


1) Dead bugs x 12 reps
2) Russian twists x 20 reps
3) V-sit crunches x 10 reps